Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our Professional Team actively resolves matters through alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, binding and non-binding arbitration and mini-trials.

We typically propose mediation at an early stage in the subrogation process to reduce the time and expense of protracted litigation. When litigation becomes necessary; however, we aggressively pursue the case through trial and appeal, if necessary.

In the mediation process, a third party neutral works to facilitate a negotiated settlement between the parties.

In the arbitration process, a third party neutral is brought in to hear and consider facts and arguments presented by the plaintiff and defendant, and to render a reasoned decision or solution based on an agreed-upon standard of legality or fairness.

Our certified arbitrators regularly judge the merits of cases for Arbitration Forums, an organization that provides arbitration services up to $250,000 for its member organizations.  We prepare and submit contentions to Arbitration Forums for our clients for claims involving auto accidents, Personal Injury Payment (PIP), Medical Payments (Med Pay), uninsured motorist and property matters.