Second Injury Fund Recovery

Insurance Recovery Group, (IRG) offers comprehensive second injury fund and COLA recovery, including identification of claims for recovery, perfection of the identified claim and reimbursement processing. Services are also available for ongoing reimbursement recovery on already established but uncollected funds.

IRG’s Second Injury Fund program has recovered more money from Second Injury Funds across the country than any other second injury fund providers combined.  IRG has recovered more than $2.0 billion for its clients. IRG is the national leader in identification, pursuit, perfection and recovery from second injury funds.

IRG’s extensive experience in recovery management, legal knowledge, negotiation skills and experience working with the government agencies that administer these funds, ensures full and timely collection of all recoverable funds. IRG’s proactive approach to second injury fund recovery, and “out of the box” thinking about qualified cases and recovery strategies, typically produces recoveries that are three to five times more than what its clients have been able to achieve on their own. IRG has implemented successful second injury fund recoveries in virtually every state where there is potential for reimbursement.


The IRG Difference

IRG can support busy claims adjusters who are charged with identifying second injury fund opportunities in addition to a multitude of other primary responsibilities because IRG:

  • Focuses on second injury recovery
  • Engages a proactive approach with no competing priorities
  • Leverages its extensive training and experience to identify potential opportunities
  • Operates a stand-alone Reimbursement Department, knowledgeable about the intricacies of each fund, charged with filing for reimbursements on a timely and consistent basis

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