LexisNexis Published Co-Author Attorney Marie Cheung-Truslow’s Chapter on “Bringing Subrogation Actions”

Attorney Cheung-Truslow co-authored with Attorney Steven Theesfeld of Yost & Baill a chapter in the New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition, a LexisNexis publication considered to be the most comprehensive source for insurance law. Chapter 160, entitled “Bringing Subrogation Actions” addresses an insurer’s and self-insured’s rights to recover amounts it has paid for losses on its policies by means of subrogation. Subrogation is distinguished from restitution, reimbursement, liens and assignments against third parties and its own insureds. This chapter deals with who has the right to pursue a subrogation action, when such actions are allowed, and against whom such actions may be brought. The Chapter not only provides an analysis of recent case law, with citations, but also helpful hints from Attorneys Cheung-Truslow and Theesfeld. A copy of New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition is available by searching the publication at New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition